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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Great minds think alike...

and fools seldom differ was one of my grandmother's favourite saws. I've been trying to avoid all the media crap about Thatcher, but I need to listen to some Radio 4 before going to sleep and the insufferable repetition of pompous insincere guff  last night gave me the marvelous idea to write a witty blog piece today about how we were being disrespectful by not being Thatcherite enough in the way we intend to mark her entry into a better (or worse) place. Burial at the public expense be dammed I thought, the old girl would surely wish her funeral to be privatised, in fact auctioned to the highest bidder who could then do whatever they wanted to make a profit from it. Alas, I have been scooped. Even if I had leaped out of bed immediately and set to work I would have been too late to claim originality. One Scott Morgan had the same idea in 2011 and even went so far as to launch an e-petition. Unfortunately it didn't achieve enough signatures to trigger a House of Commons debate. I'm guessing that if it is relaunched now it wouldn't have much trouble reaching the 100,000 signature threshold.

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