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Friday, 8 December 2017

Friday Music

It's time for Friday night music, so continuing the spiritual theme here's Loudon Wainwright III telling us what heaven will be like.

The state of UK research methods

The blog that brought you IKEA wardrobes,  humour and piracy as a research method is proud to alert you to the delights that you will be able to sample at the forthcoming ESRC Research Methods Festival. Highlights include: 

Participatory Theatre as Social Research Methods; 
Walking as a Participation, Performative and Mobile Method; 
Do Participatory Visual Methods give 'Voice'?;
Writing Creatively for Academia; 
The Role of Self and Emotion within Qualitative Research; 
Comics as a Research Method; 
Somatic Toolkit for Ethnographers.

Good to see that the  UK's symphony of  social science is as willing as ever to shoot itself in the head and the ESRC is as willing as ever to pay for the ammunition.

NB After collecting your somatic toolkit and comics from registration you should walk over to the theatre where you will yourself be able to participate in a creative writing vocal performance workshop.