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Friday, 26 April 2013

Great British Class Survey - Thinking Allowed

In case you are interested I'll be discussing the Great British Class Survey with Laurie Taylor, Mike Savage and  Beverley Skeggs on BBC Radio 4's Thinking Allowed which will go out at 16:00 on Wednesday, May 1st and is repeated for the insomniacs amongst you at 00:15 on Monday, May 6th.

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Primula Monkey said...

I thought you did very well not to get the giggles as the Skeggs person leapt from one terribly right-on statement to another.

You might regard the "substance" of said leaping as reflecting a limited awareness of both the debate on Marxist vs Weberian approaches to class (see Erik Olin Wright, The Debate on Classes) and Mike Savage’s own sustained engagement with the role of exploitation in understanding class, I couldn't possibly comment.

But, as Thinking Allowed take-downs go the prog. wasn’t a patch on Richard Sennett’s polite destruction of David Gauntlett. Sorry.