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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

God's own comedian.

One of the things that I shared with my father was a sense of humour. We both would roll about the floor laughing over Spike Milligan, Billy Connolly, Fawlty Towers and, best of all, Dave Allen. Dave Allen was  light years ahead of his time- a true comic genius. He also came across as a real mensch. I caught the last half hour of last night's BBC2 documentary about him: Dave Allen: God's Own Comedian and was pleasantly surprised to see that he really was the humane, humble, intelligent, honestly subversive person that he seemed to be on stage. His observational humour is brilliant, but I also enjoy the liberal dollops of sheer paddywhackery (his father was a drinking buddy of Flann O'Brien so he probably inherited some good material to work with). This is one of my favourites (it starts at 2:20, but some of the other material is quite good too).

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