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Thursday, 19 January 2012


Anyone care to have a go at translating this sociological gem into something resembling the English language?

"There is much to unpick here about how particular classed, racialised and gendered (young) bodies come to be (re)positioned and (re)inscribed within regenerated city-scapes. Urban ‘disadvantaged’ youth become objects of a particular luminosity, encoded as future-oriented, agentic subjects who stand for the city’s pride, hope, diversity and multiculturalism."

There is indeed much to unpick here... among the more minor, why the scare marks around 'disadvantaged'? Is this meant to be ironic? Is the author saying the youths are not disadvantaged?

I'll spare the author's blushes unless they insist on attribution.


Primula Monkey said...

Is "disadvantaged", as per classed, racialised and gendered, being presented as predictable, terribly boring even cultural constructs in a deeply insightful "knowing" fashion?

If so why doesn't the quote include the pointless invocation of some dead Frenchman and/or live American feminist whose surname alone can substantiate whatever point isn't getting made, eh?

Colin said...

Couldn't have put it better myself...