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Friday, 12 June 2015

GBCS - shades of Gray

You can now read the published version of my final salvo against the Great British Class Survey which is out today in the latest (special) issue of the Sociological Review.

Getting into print has been a strange experience not least because of the extensive evasive action taken by some of the principal targets. Notable was the complete rewrite of one paper after I had already written my critique of it.

The final oddity is that, without informing me,  between the draft I received and the final published version, the authorship of one of the papers I agreed to comment on has mysteriously changed. I'm astounded to see that what I had been led to believe was a paper written by Sam Friedman and Mark Taylor is now credited to Sam Friedman, Daniel Laurison and Andrew Miles.

A peccadillo no doubt, but readers of my piece may wonder why on earth I refer to an apparently non-existent contribution by Friedman and Taylor. For F&T you need to read FL&M. Sorry, but not my fault, and particularly unfortunate for Mark who should no longer be associated with the piece.

A final observation: enough shells, not only from myself but from others too, hit the GBCS's magazine to send it to the bottom, but the captain and the crew make no effort to reply. 

Mute,  inglorious,  and buried without an elegy.


PolicyAnalyst said...

In April you noted the strange conditions attached to using the data at the UK Data Service (I believe at http://oxfordsociology.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/in-which-i-break-promise.html).

Now I cannot even find this dataset at the UK Data Service. Your past link suggested it was dataset 7616. Has it been withdrawn?

Colin said...

Looked this morning & it still seems to be there. Follow the link from my post & it will come up.

PolicyAnalyst said...

Thanks - not sure why I had a problem as I can certainly find/see things now!