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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Moral Dilemma: Zwarte Piet edition

Lots of shouty stuff on twitter right now about VC pay. I've had my say and have little to add. The important question isn't about how much you should pay your VC but about how you should construct the process that determines what you pay your VC. Here's a clue: the answer to the second question isn't let HEFCE decide or let Andrew Adonis decide.

Anyway while thinking about controversial issues I was heartened to  hear of  one country  where all there is to  worry about at the moment is the colour of Santa's helper on St Nicholas' Day. In the Netherland this is celebrated on December 5th but everywhere else that I know of on December 6th. Of course we are talking about a country that is so reasonable that it can even go without a government for 208 days without anything terrible happening. And it has a sense of humour. Here is Zondag met Lubach's take on the ethics of blacking up. Luckily since I can't understand a word of spoken Dutch there are subtitles. TRIGGER WARNING. There is something in this to offend practically everyone. Enjoy.

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