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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sociology reader survey

The journal Sociology is fielding a survey that gives readers an opportunity to say what they think about the journal. This has got to be a good thing and I urge everyone with a serious interest in the future of the discipline in the UK to respond. 

For better or worse Sociology plays an important role in setting the domestic intellectual agenda and there is some, albeit anecdotal, evidence that whatever the official public line is, REF panelists think positively about publishing in domestic outlets.

It's a pity though that Sociology doesn't seem to have consulted anyone who knows something about constructing online surveys. It would appear that there is nothing to stop multiple submissions from the same IP address. And the last question on your general views - which is pretty much the only one that collects anything other than marketing information - forces you to write your views in a tiny box in one long line.

Sometimes a little practical knowledge helps in ways that "perspectives" "debates" and "poems" can't really simulate.

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