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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

CSI Oxford launch

There is a launch event today at the British Academy for the Centre for Social Investigation. CSI Oxford is based in Nuffield College and directed by Anthony Heath. 

The idea of the Centre is, to quote from its website, "... to address contemporary social issues of public interest and to engage with policy-makers and the public more generally, carrying out authoritative, non-partisan research on central social issues which draws upon expertise in economics, politics and sociology and related disciplines such as social policy."

Eleven initial briefing papers are already available. There are also plans for longer working papers and other publications.

I was originally slated to say something at the launch, but for reasons that are too boring to go into I'm not able to get there. However, I won't just be there in spirit. If time permits the  audience will see my short video presentation on social class inequality at KS4. You can read the briefing paper it is based on here and if you can't get to the BA you can view the video here.

So, good luck to Anthony, Lindsay and everyone else who has contributed so far to getting the show on the road. It might be a stretch to claim that Lord Nuffield would warmly  approve, but  he probably won't be spinning in his grave

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Kolbeinn said...

This is excellent. I expect this will be a great source of inspiration for my work on social indicators here in stormy Iceland.