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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Forsooth! The never ending GBCS saga

My response to the GBCS is out today in the print version of Sociology. So that's that then. Or is it? 

It's probably a little churlish of me to mention it, but I was a bit surprised by the editorial introduction which amongst other things says:

"In putting class back onto the agenda, we aim to highlight the explanatory reach and theoretical promise of rethinking class, including the possibilities of relational theories and hierarchical models, as Colin Mills argues."

Shurely shome mishtake. Can someone, anyone, please tell me where in the article concerned I say anything that could  reasonably be construed in these terms? 

OK I can understand a desire not to draw attention to the message of my piece - that the journal has published a severely sub-standard piece of work. I can accept silence. I can live with waffle. But to make something up and a something as incoherent as that...

Just when I thought we had plumbed the depths I find that there is still room to sink lower. In the world of BS it's turtles all the way down.

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