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Thursday, 5 June 2014


If I knew what this case (reported in today's Guardian) was about I wouldn't be able to tell you and until very recently I wouldn't even be able to tell you there was a case. 

As open justice seems to be something enshrined by custom and practice in our system and is something that some of our ancestors thought was worth fighting for, the evidence suggests to me that something magical happened overnight. 

I have two hypotheses: either I am still living in Britain but have fallen through a worm-hole and woken up in the Seventeenth Century  with Charles I on the throne or I am still in the Twenty-First Century but have been tele-ported to Russia/China/Saudi Arabia or some similar country with a less than transparent legal system.

But I'm sure everything will be all right in the end because the high heid yins never lie to the great British public do they? So hello to whoever is reading this, I'm sure it'll give you another page to index in my file and beam me up Scottie...

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