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Monday, 2 December 2013


Sometimes the Labour Party makes it very difficult for its natural supporters to like them. Evicting  long-term tenants who made derelict Lambeth properties fit for human habitation looks like a particularly cynical and downright nasty piece of asset value realisation.

What is odd about this story is the lack of any mention of the obviously equitable way to resolve the dispute. Shouldn't the council and the (ex) tenants share the capital gain in proportion to the investment made in improving the properties? Or does Lambeth Council think it is OK to just grab all the money even when, if it had been left to them, the properties would have tumbled down or become crack cocaine dens.

It's not as if these kinds of calculations aren't made all the time. They are, for instance when you go to arbitration on the extension of a leasehold or the purchase of a freehold.

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