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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Prolier than thou 2

It's been very amusing to observe the knee jerk reaction to my old mate Geoff Evans sticking it to the Labour Party on Newsnight about the shortage of any genuinely working class MPs (the Beast of Bolsover excepted of course). Some members of the House  are apoplectic and choking over their pinot grigio and antipasti, sorry, I meant brown ale and chip butties. 

I thought it would be fun to investigate the careers of the most vociferous of the Twitter commenters currently riding their proletarian high horses smug in the self-satisfaction that they are at one with the people of, for instance, Stoke.

So here we have it (from Wikipedia)

Jonathan Ashworth: Within 2 years of graduating from Durham was working for the Labour Party as a Political Research Officer

Liz McInnes: St Anne's Oxford, MSc University of Surrey worked in the NHS as a senior biochemist.

Barbara Keeley: University of Salford, IBM Systems Engineer & Independent Consultant.

David Lammy: Choral Scholarship to Peterborough Cathedral, King’s School Peterborough, SOAS, Harvard, called to the Bar.

Michael Dugher: University of Nottingham, National Chairman of Labour Students. Head of Policy at the AEEU, SPAD.

Diana Johnson: Brunel, Barrister.

Lyn Brown:  Roehampton. Social Worker. 

R Blackman-Woods: University of Ulster PhD, Professor of Social Policy.

The only one who really has any claim to doing a pretty ordinary job before entering Parliament is Sharon Hodgson who was an accounts clerk, not exactly forced down t'mill, but compared to the others she can credibly claim to have had significant work experience outside the Westminster bubble and outside of a rather privileged middle-class milieu.

As for the rest of them, deluded or what?

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