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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Problems with inertia

This is  hilarious (paywalled but you can get the gist from the abstract). One lot of Bourdieusian fellow travellers sticking it to another lot. The issue? The first lot can't interpret a correspondence analysis correctly. 

Let's face it, if you are a Bourdieusian and you can't read a correspondence analysis bi-plot properly then what the Hell can you do? I'm looking forward to the reply to the reply. Pure sociology as soap opera. 

Here's a piece of advice to the hapless Bristolians. If you are a bit shaky on data interpretation follow the lead of the acknowledged masters. Collect loads and loads of data; add almost as many co-authors; write a short book; print it in a large font to make it a long book; try to use as little of the data as possible; cover your tracks by mislabelling as many tables and figures as possible; deposit the data in the public domain in a form that renders it useless to other users.  All boxes ticked. Job done.

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