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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Prolier than thou

Fair dinkum cobber, the land of the cultural cringe has come up with its own version of the Great British Class Survey and like the original it has its own little online quiz you can take  which will reveal where you fit into the (class) scheme of things. For a bit of fun I filled it in and this is what came back:

So in Britain with exactly the same characteristics I was classified as part of the "elite" but in Australia I would just be established working class. That really is the world turned upside down. Clearly stratification works a bit different according to Australian rules. Or perhaps there are just a few little glitches in the old programming there Bruce. 

Just time for a few tinnies of the amber nectar before I settle down to watch what is going on in Ramsey Street. I should be so lucky.

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