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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

100 years ago

Walking to and from work over the past few weeks has been a sobering experience. Many of the houses in our neighborhood have small laminated placards attached to their front wall telling you about the men that lived there 100 years ago. All of them were killed in WW1 or died shortly thereafter from disease, illness or accident. Their names are on the war memorial in the local parish church and this was the starting point for a little local history investigation. The result is a very nice web-site called 66 men of Grandpont 1914-18.

Remembrance can be little more than a formal act of piety. Seeing their photographs, knowing where they lived and learning a bit about their pre-war lives somehow makes the enormity of their sacrifice much more humbling.

The best expression of remembrance that I know is Eric Bogle's The Gift of Years.

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