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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Talking of which...

As a follow up to my last post, here is a piece by Declan Gaffney in the Staggers satirizing the low standards of intellectual integrity that appear to be  SOP at one  British "think-tank".

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Andy said...

We mention the very same thinktank in a recent submitted manuscript...

Fugard, A. J. B., Stapley, E. J., Ford, T., Law, D., Wolpert, M. & York, A. (submitted 3rd May 2013). League tables of mental health service outcomes are harmful: a substantive and statistical alternative.

"A plot of ranks (without confidence intervals) is used by the Centre for Social Justice, a British think tank, to illustrate differences in clinicians’ recovery rates.17 They use this to argue in favour of a “Darwinian” approach for clinician selection such that, “only effective therapists would ‘survive’ as suppliers” (p. 35). We have shown that there is often uncertainty in the estimates of outcomes which in turn has an impact of the precision of rank estimates, so any such “Darwinian” approach would mostly be driven by chance."