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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

That leaves so much out...

Next up is: "...your x is under-theorized" where x can be an article, a lecture, a paragraph, or pretty much any damn thing you please. If somebody with power over you says this, it is pretty much hasta la vista baby, game over. What they mean is: "I don't like you" or "I don't like the sort of thing you do".

To make their opinion more acceptable they will, if pushed, accuse you of not citing  or "attending to" whatever bag of wind is currently fashionable in the circles they move in. For extra plausibility they might  insist you  insert long meaningless paragraphs "discussing" the work of said pig's bladder along with several dozen wholly irrelevant citations of texts that neither you nor they have read, before finally rejecting your work on account of its insufficiently "problematized" assumptions.

Counter: There is no counter to this move.

Note: Attempting to argue that your opponent wouldn't  recognize a genuine theory if it stood in front of them singing the Hallelujah Chorus will not work.

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