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Friday, 24 June 2011

Criminal Injustice System: Joe Paraskeva

I wonder if you are as appalled as I am by this story of the way our great justice system has treated a  young vulnerable man called Joe Paraskeva who voluntarily sought help for his bi-polar affective disorder. He has been imprisoned  in a young offenders institution; his only crime was, in his paranoia, to damage the door of the hospital room he was detained in. The judge, on the basis of a risk assessment carried out by an "expert" who had never actually met Paraskeva, sentenced him to serve a minimum of two years with no maximum - ie he can be held in prison indefinitely. What kind of "justice system" imprisons people who need and seek medical help for their mental health problems? If you want to do your small bit to hold the authorities to account there is a petition you can sign.

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