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Monday, 3 May 2010

Are we living in a simulation?

Last week I was clearing up a pile of paper on my desk and came across this cartoon that I had clipped out of the Stockholm edition of  Metro a few years ago. "'Do you want to see something cool? Stand in the light and bawl Booga-Booga!' Have you sometimes wondered how a new religion starts?" I don't remember now why I wanted to keep it. If Gods are rats then divine intervention might look like this and the humans in the maze would have good grounds for believing in rodent powers that are consequential for their lives. So no great social scientific insights here. But then I came across this - a set of philosophical conjectures by a colleague in the James Martin School that  takes seriously the idea that there is a positive probability that we may all be participants in a giant computer simulation set up by post-humans ( and a bigger probability that we are not). Life is frequently much weirder than art.

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