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Monday, 19 April 2010

Market, Class and Employment

The reviews of MCE are at long last rolling in and OUP have started to use them for publicity blurb. So this is what they say:

"In sum, this book is an extremely useful contribution to the field, and one that deserves close reading by all those interested in the nature of contemporary work and employment." - The British Journal of Sociology

"This book significantly advances knowledge and it will doubtless become required reading for anybody interested in debates over the changing nature of work and employment." - Colin C. Williams, American Journal of Sociology

"'Market, Class and Employment is essential reading for those interested in how experiences of work changed in Britain in the 1990s and sits well alongside other large-scale surveys such as Workplace Employment Relations Survey (WERS) series." - Industrial and Labor Relations Review

"Taken as a whole, McGovern and his colleagues have given us a clearly written, provocative analysis of recent changes in employment relations in Britain. As such, this book makes a useful and significant contribution to the debates on this important topic." - Arne L. Kalleberg, European Sociological Review

"Overall, we have here a treasure for anyone who likes to see general theses about trends in modern capitalism submitted to the verdict of high-quality representative survey data... We need more books like this if we are to understand what is happening in the modern history of the workplace." - The British Journal of Industrial Relations

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